Who can use Bouncekick?

Here's who we can think of, but surely serious marketers will surprise us.


A perfect fit for startups or businesses who are sending targeted email on daily basis.


Agency can use the system to clean the clients email list before sending the email campaign and increase the email reputation.

Digital Marketers

Great solution for digitial marketers who give supports to their clients

Discover BounceKick

Never Get Bounces Again

Live mailbox check

Every verification request will check in real-time with mailbox servers.

Syntax Validation

We verify the format of the email address is correct and valid like hello@bouncekick.com

Disposable mail check

We check if the email address has a domain name used for temporary email addresses

Bounce Reduction

We check the email address and see if it bounces or not.


Developer friendly REST API to integrate the platform with other thirdparty applications.

Safe And Fast

It's so fast as it has multi-threaded design and safe as data resides in your own cloud.

Single Email Verification

With our Real-Time Email Verification, seamlessly integrate with unlimited platforms. Verify single emails via our API or Dashboard.

Bulk Email Verification

With just 3 clicks, you can verify your complete email list.

#1 Upload your email list
#2 Click to verify the list
#3 Download the verified email list

Report and Segmentation

The cleaned email list will be segmented into multiple list such as valid, invalid, catch-all, risky for easy export and integration with third party application.

An API Built For Developers

Our API provides email verification for seamless and quick integration with your other third party applications.

Integrations Coming Soon!

Just plug and connect your third party CRM and email marketing software with single click and push your cleaned list to them.

Enterprise. High Volume. Try Self-Hosted Plan.

No Limits. Deploy and Use the platform in your own cloud.

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