Self-Hosted Email Verification Platform

Email marketing is a major part of any company’s marketing strategy. But, it is only deemed successful by the number of subscribers who open and interact with the email your company sends. Although companies put a lot of thought into their email marketing strategies, they don’t pay as much attention when it comes to email validation.

Email validation is often overlooked but is the most important tool for companies that communicate with their customers via email. To put it simply, email validation is the process of checking if an email address is still valid and deliverable.

Discover BounceKick

Never Get Bounces Again

BounceKick is designed for professional and business use only. BounceKick does not verify email addresses created through web-mails like Yahoo, aol, outlook etc. BounceKick gives 99.99% accuracy for business domain name emails like and Gmails.

Live mailbox check

Every verification request will check in real-time with the recipient mailbox servers.

Syntax Validation

We verify the format of the email address is correct and valid like

Disposable mail check

We check if the email address has a domain name used for temporary email addresses

Bounce Reduction

To keep your bounce rate under control, we check the email address and see if it bounces or not.


Developer friendly REST API to integrate the platform with other thirdparty applications.

Safe And Fast

It's so fast as it has multi-threaded design and safe as data resides in your own cloud.

Who can use Bouncekick?

Here's who we can think of, but surely serious marketers will surprise us.

BounceKick is a simple and fast email verifier application that you can install in your own infrastructure. With a one time fee use it for life with your own privacy of data and unlimited email verification.

BounceKick application can be used by Marketers/Agencies/Business who are beliving email database increases the ROI.


A perfect fit for startups or businesses who are sending targeted email on daily basis.


Agency can use the system to clean the clients email list before sending the email campaign and increase the email reputation.

Digital Marketers

Great solution for digitial marketers who give supports to their clients

Enterprise. High Volume. Try Self-Hosted Plan.

No Limits. Deploy and Use the platform in your own cloud.

Our Integration Partners

Integrations Coming Soon!

Just plug and connect your third party CRM and email marketing software with single click and push your cleaned list to them. Keeping invalid emails from getting into your database. Push datas directly from your email platform rather than exporting the list. Once your list is cleaned up, you can automatically import it back to your CRM.

BounceKick work with most of the CRM Platform. Even trusted by THOUSANDS OF COMPANIES WORLDWIDE

An API Built For Developers

Our API provides email verification for seamless and quick integration with your other third party applications.

API Document

Single Email Verification

With our Real-Time Email Verification, seamlessly integrate with unlimited platforms. Verify single emails via our API or Dashboard.

Bulk Email Verification

With our Bulk Email Verifier, you can simply drop your entire file into our tool to be processed at one time, just 3 clicks.

  • Upload your email list
  • Click to verify the list
  • Download the verified email list


Self-Hosting Package with One-Time Fee and lifetime access. No monthly recurring


Lifetime Access

  • Unlimited Email Verification
  • Unlimited List Upload
  • Unlimited API Request
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Updates & Support $199/y
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Price Comparison

Bouncekick Features Other Email-verification Platform Features
Pricing for 10M Credit BounceKick Zero Bounce NeverBounce Remove Bounce
$1499 /One Time
unlimited request
$1500 /month
for 10M request
$3000 /month
for 10M request
$2800 /month
for 10M request
Verify Business Email
Verify Business Email
  Verify Gmail
Verify Gmail
  Verify Disposal Email
Verify Disposal Email
  Verify Catch-All Email
Verify Catch-All Email
  Disposal Email Verification
Disposal Email Verification
  Domain & MX Validation
Domain & MX Validation
  SMTP Verification
SMTP Verification
  Unlimited Email Verification
Unlimited Email Verification
  Single Email API Verification
Single Email API Verification
  Bulk Email API Verification
Bulk Email API Verification
  SaaS Application
SaaS Application
  On-Premise Solution
On-Premise Solution
  Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. It is not an Open-Source application. It is a JAVA compiled application along with the customer’s domain and license for each installation.

  • Approximately 60k to 80k emails get verified for every 24 hours (1.5 sec/email). BounceKick server does telnet to an SMTP server to check whether the emails are really valid or not. We give 99.99% accuracy for the business domain emails.

  • BounceKick server does verification request via Domain/Sub-Domain given instead of direct IP. Also, we make sure there is an interval when we do continuous request to the same server. The IP will get blocks only when you do huge request to a generic domain like,,, etc.

    BounceKick is designed for professional and business use only. BounceKick does not verify email addresses created through web-mails like Yahoo, aol, outlook etc. BounceKick gives 99.99% accuracy for business domain name emails like and Gmails.

    • Installation comes with single user login.
    • In each list you can have up to 100k emails.
    • The lists are verified sequentially.
    • On an average 60k to 80 emails gets verified in 24 hours.
    • Our developers help to install BounceKick software.
    • As on purchase it takes 24 to 48 hours to complete the deployment/installation

  • Since the software is hosted in your own data center and has full control to use the application there is no money back guarantee. We allow our customers to test the platform in our server before they make a decision on the purchase.DEMO ACCESS

    • One dedicated Domain
    • Dedicated local or cloud server (Recommended Linode)
    • RAM - Min 2GB or higher.
    • Operating System - Linux Ubuntu 16.X OS.

  • We accept PayPal and Card payment. If you would like to purchase through Paypal then contact us ( to send you a PayPal invoice.